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"Used in the military buying some for myself ( You don't want a metal cap for very important reasons! )"

Josh Moser on 9/19/2016 5:58:59 PM

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Product Review: I used these in the German military and they were fantastic. I'm buying a few for myself. But, I need to address the 2-star person... They do look plastic in the photo and you wouldn't want a metal muzzle-protector for several reasons, safety being the number one reason.. With plastic you can have it fit snuggly and stay malleable enough to easily come off in the hand in addition to allowing gas to escape in addition to being easy enough to pierce with a bullet ( these are meant to allow you to shoot through them if absolutely necessary ). With metal, the fit would be too snug and difficult to remove, it'd scratch the finish of your weapon and if the fit was too snug you may end up either creating a pipe-bomb ( unlikely ), or having the piston engage too early ( more likely because the projectile would be compressing the air in front of it instead of it freely being pushed out the muzzle which may end up causing the piston to unlock the bolt causing gas to enter the receiver and dirty it up, cause a short-stroke or other loading malfunction, or cause other issues )..

"keeps bores clean"

gerard butler on 8/17/2015 5:25:21 PM

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Product Review: hk caps have kept dust bunnies out my rifle barrels. always great quality from rtg.

"HK 91 muzzle cap"

PAC on 8/14/2015 2:03:04 PM

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Product Review: If you're a bit clumsy like myself and prone to face plants and falling on your butt out in the field, this muzzle cap will keep the dirt out of your barrel when you hit the earth. Be sure to put a dash of bright paint on it to remind you to pull it off before you pull the trigger.

"This Muzzle Cap Is Plastic!"

Shane Finster on 7/10/2015 9:17:59 PM

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Product Review: The photo nor the product description really make it clear, but this muzzle cap is plastic, instead of blued/parkerized steel.

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