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In early 2011 we stopped selling parts to Adam Webber and Before that Adam was a good customer of ours. He repeatedly bought large quantities of new and used HK G3 parts and new POF G3/MP5/HK33 parts.

So why did we cut him off?

Over the years that we sold to Adam, many customers called to inform us that Adam or his company were trash talking our parts. Often these were the same parts that Adam was buying from us; parts he bought repeatedly and in quantity. With so many voices sending concern, we came to realize that these stories were true. Looking at his website back then I found that he did not list any parts as being POF. Furthermore, he did not list any parts as being used. This was more than suspicious given the repeated quantities of POF and used HK parts that he bought from us. He also had a full-page disclaimer on his website stating that you should never buy used HK parts, which again, he bought from us over and over and over again. Looking back now, he only bought parts that would look new when refinished. Springs or fine parts that show obvious wear he would return for refund.

I looked past the trash talk for years. But what I came to realize was that the customers spending top dollar for new HK parts might be getting POF or refinished HK parts. What troubled me was those customers were also my customers. Many people do not want POF parts or used HK parts. Those customers have a right to buy fairly and honestly, they have a right to get what they pay for. When I saw customers at gun-shows come up to me with what they described as "100% German MP5" but I saw it full of POF or converted G3 parts, I felt horrible for them. And though I'm in this business solely to generate income to support my family, I do not feel good about selling products to someone who misrepresents them to his own customers. I am not okay with profiting from someone's fraud.

In February 2011 Adam emailed his next order and I replied that we would no longer do business with him. I was professional and simply told him we didn't want the competition and would no longer sell to him. Adam doesn't take no easily however so he placed the order online using a bogus name and his home address. Given the parts/quantities of the order and the address it was clear who it was intended for so we canceled the order. Next, we had numerous third parties attempt to place orders for the identical parts. We canceled those orders as well and asked those buyers not to buy for Adam. Most said no problem, but a couple bowed their necks and got their giant egos hurt. Those are the same two knucklehead-minions who attacked us on several years ago. Some of you old timers will surely remember. It was pretty lame.

Now, as to why we post this so many years later, it seems that impending jail time has emboldened Adam. No longer content with whispers over the phone he is now publishing direct lies about our products on his website. For example, claiming our POF MP5 paddles are pot metal cast. This is a bold-faced lie.

So long as continues to falsely describe our products, I intend to leave this post here.  

Fast forward to today:
Bogus name with Adam's home address (look it up!)
Notice the G3 flats that he and his minions have slandered previously.

Adam, I have every email you ever sent to us. I have every order you ever placed. I still have the letters and envelopes you sent payments in by mail. If you continue to slander us I will publish it all and let the public decide for themselves if you are a fraud.

And to Adam's minions who bought countless used and POF parts for their supposed 'top of the line all German spec guns' I will be happy to publish all of your records too. We archive everything here and I'm done with your high-school horse poop.

Adam Webber's Case Information. Quite different than his public claims:

Letter from Todd Bailey (yes of Special Weapons fame) sent to the judge as a character reference. Todd claims he makes all of HKparts U.S. made parts.

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